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My name is Fred Wiehe. I’m a bestselling author and a member of the Horror Writers Association.

The anthologies on this page include my short stories Creeper, Predator & Prey, The Collection, Shadow Man, and Understanding is Often Painful.

Please check out these great anthologies. Besides me, these books have a lot of awesome authors and scary stories.  

Understanding is Of​ten Painful by Fred Wiehe
Anthology: What Monsters Do for Love, Part II
Adult Fiction ISBN: B08B388D3Q

Love turns men into monsters…
And monsters into men.

The WHAT MONSTERS DO FOR LOVE trilogy spans over one hundred stories by an international team of bestselling, award-winning, and visionary authors, offering a treasure trove unforgettable tales about monsters (of both the human and inhuman varieties) that range from the deceptively whimsical to the heartbreakingly terrifying, and everything in between.

Now lock your doors, turn on your lights, and grab your cat for comfort’s sake. It’s time to learn why love is the scariest thing on earth.

Shadow Man by Fred Wiehe
Anthology: HORROR USA, California
Adult Fiction ISBN: 978-1672505284

Most monsters hide in darkness. Ours don’t have to.

The 51-book HORROR USA series is an ambitious project that highlights the unique monsters, legends, and stories found in each of the United States. HORROR USA - CALIFORNIA is the first book in the series.

We have it all: enchanting forests to the north, dazzling deserts in the south, beaches, mountains, movies, music, and so much more. Our beauty will bewitch you, our glamour will excite you… and our horrors will forever haunt you. Lock the doors, turn on the lights, and settle in – it’s time to learn the true meaning of terror, California-style.

Predator & Prey by Fred Wiehe
Anthology: Slices of Flesh
Adult Fiction ISBN: 9780985029098
Cover Art by Mike Mignola of "Hellboy" fame.

Do you like your horror in small bite-sized chunks? If so, then SLICES OF FLESH from Dark Moon Books will activate your taste buds like zombies drawn to fresh brains. These flash fiction stories oozed from the brains of some of the best horror writers from around the world and will fit perfectly into your daily diet of scary. SLICES OF FLESH includes the following short horror tales: Acceptance (Reesa Brown), Air Baby (Stephen Volk), All Paths Lead to Psychopath (Sephera Giron), Althea's Mistake (Jennifer Word), Angst (Fran Friel), The Bastard Called Hope (Jennifer Brozek), Big Bite (Rick Hautala), Blame the Neighbours (Kaaron Warren), Bloody (Lorelei Shannon), Blue (J. R. Parks), Bones, Bones (James S. Dorr), Bones Lie Quietly Now (Nate Kenyon), Breathe (Brad C. Hodson), Burial Ground (Simon Clark), Carb Friendly (David C. Hayes), Chains of Love (Del Howison), The Collector (Jacob Ruby), Costumes (J. F. Palma), Cur (Shelly Towne), Cutter (David Dunwoody), Dear Jimmy (D.L. Snell), Demon (Michael O'Neal), Devoured (Jeremy C. Shipp), Dryad (Laura Benedict), Dwindling (Kevin McClintock), Etched Deep (David Niall Wilson), Every Time a Bell Rings (Araminta Star Matthews), Ex Voto (Graham Masterton), Extinction (Janice Gable Bashman), Fallen Leaves (Michelle Mellon), fambly (Jeremy M. Zoss), For Worse (Steve Voelker), Chomps (Sierra Christman), The Fourth Wall (Jack Nealy), Fresh Air (Lon Prater), Grampa's Lucky Coin (Peter Timony), Heart Throb (Linda Addison), Hoodies (Paul Kane), How to Make a Monster (Adrian Ludens), I Am Not Afraid (Stan Swanson), I Am Not Going to Be That Guy (Lance Shoeman), If You Go Out in the Woods Tonight (Nancy Holder), In the Fullness of the Moon (Nancy Kilpatrick), Intertwining Tales (Timothy P. Remp), Into the Death Zone (Tim Lebbon), It's Just Business (Matthew Warner), Jumping In (Aaron Polson), Just One of the Gang (William F. Nolan), Kelly Wants to be Free (Wayne Simmons), Laid Down (Ramsey Campbell), Last Call (M. R. Sellars), Love Disappears (J. W. Schnarr), Magnum Opus (Lori Michelle), Monster (Max Booth III), MRM (Connie Corcoran-Wilson), Nothing (Douglas Smith), Overtime at the Beheading Factory (Tom Cardamone), Paper or Plastic (Roy Robbins), Perishables (Amy Grech), Picnic (R. B. Payne), Polaroids (Jack Ketchum), Predator and Prey (Fred Wiehe), The Prisoner of Andersonville (Eric J. Guignard), Puddles (Bryan Hall), The Real Deal (Anne C. Petty), Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears (Richard Thomas), The Rush (Lisa Morton), Sabbatical in the Methlands (Joe McKinney), The Shadow of a Doubt (C. W. LaSart), She. Her. You. (Kevin James Breaux), Snuffbox (Erin Eveland), Soul Of The Dog (Lee F. Jordan), Spit (Jeremy Wagner), Spot (Charles Gramlich), Stab (Lawrence Watt-Evans), Striped Pajamas (Marge Simon), Sumpahump (JG Faherty), Swallow (Simon Strantzas), Then, Just A Dream (Lawrence Santoro), Things Fall Apart (Christopher DiLeo), Today, I'm Marshall Mason (Charlie Fish), Touch (Marie O'Regan), Under Dale (Susan Palwick), Vade in Pacem (Monica J. O'Rourke), Van Helsing: His True Story (Jason V Brock), Wetback (David Tallerman), What I've Gots in My Pocketses (Chantal Boudreau), When The Dead Rise (Sandy DeLuca), Who Is Screaming (Stewart Carrick) and The Wrath of Benjo (Edward M. Erdelac).

The Collection by Fred Wiehe
Anthology: Read Us Or Die!
Adult Fiction ISBN: 9781005599089

The first official publisher's anthology featuring the exemplary talents of the authors of BLACK BED SHEET BOOKS "Black Bed Sheet is not only a publisher of fantastically creative horror books but knows the meaning of heart and integrity....Grabowsky has taken BBS to heights that few could have imagined with his drive, determination and talent, along with the talent in his stable. If you haven't read anything from BBS, it's past time you did but it's never too late " --- Gene Tipton, A SHOT IN THE DARK COMICS "I had this idea for an anthology. A crazy, outside the box thought that I hoped would at least ignite some interest. Well, it not only ignited, the damn thing drenched the entire office at Black Bed Sheet Books and its publisher Nicholas Grabowsky in a orange and red hue of excitement. This has now become a solid joint effort spanning the many talented authors of Black Bed Sheet Books, highlighting the core value of writing: character depth. When Nick gave me the green light, I began to construct this list of talented writers. Some are veterans of the writing landscape such as myself], others are brand new and cutting their jagged incisors deep into the skin of the publishing world. My only requirement for the authors became the simple task of all, write a story that has deep characters and emotion. A story evolves only so far as the characters propel it. I wanted the characters stripped down to their skeletons. Heroes, villains, somewhere in the middle? Bring them through the emotional grinder, chew them up, spit them out, where will it take the reader? Or, what about a few stories with different spins on such figures as Dracula, Adolph Hitler, the Devil, and Snow White. A few of these stories are dark in nature, or splashed with a form of comic ingenuity. Others are entrenched in history with a different spin that left me squirming in my seat. These authors are bright, fresh, talented, comedic, compassionate, and downright scary when they want to be. So sit back, turn off the lights, and read the book. Or die. I wouldn't want that to happen to you, but then again once you step inside our world, anything can happen. Close your eyes. Take a breath. The sounds you hear are real. There is no turning back. Keep reading. Or die." --from Introduction by Jason Gehlert --Featuring the talents of- Fred Wiehe - Cinsearae Santiago - Brandon Ford Jessica Lynne Gardner - Lincoln Crisler - Jason Gehlert - William Cook - Reyna Young - Tom Sawyer - K.K. - Rey Otis - Shannon Lee - B.L. Morgan - Tammy Gehlert - S.C. Hayden - Franchisca Weatherman - Patrick James Ryan - Horns - Jason M. Tucker Amity Green - Adam Aresty - Jennifer Caress And Nicholas Grabowsky Edited by Jason Gehlert

Creeper by Fred Wiehe
Anthology: The Ethereal Gazette, Issue 12
Adult Fiction ISBN: 9780557838820


The Ethereal Gazette, Issue 12, features short stories from some of today's greatest horror writers--Ray Faraday Nelson, Laura Via, Fred Wiehe, and Nickolaus A. Pacione, just to name a few.