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Bloodshot, Book 2
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The devastating effects of the psychotropic drug Bloodshot on the San Francisco Bay Area intensifies, reaching out in all directions—up and down the peninsula and across the bay into Oakland and points farther east. Despite its deadly side effects, sales are up, and casualties continue to mount. SFPD cops Lieutenant Sean (Mac) McGrath and Sergeant Randy Dexter thought they had seen and heard it all in their  long careers. But the mayhem, murder, exploding heads, and cannibalism plaguing their city is taking its toll on their resolve. Their sanity is also being tested as undeniable proof points to the existence of multiverses and a maniacal genius—world-class physicist  Wyatt Kole—who has developed a device that opens portals to travel  from one parallel universe to another to murder his girlfriend time and time again. Moreover, an exact duplicate of McGrath lies dead in the morgue and a body found in the Santa Cruz Mountains is identified  as Professor Kole. How can that be? As impossible as it may seem, the only plausible explanation is the existence of duplicates from a parallel universe, which forces McGrath and Dexter to admit that their suspicions of Kole as a universe-hopping murderer and drug dealer are true. But they have no proof the professor murdered anyone or that he’s responsible for Bloodshot. To make matters worse, they are both fighting their own personal demons—McGrath, alcoholism and Dexter, the fear that he suffers from hallucinatory psychosis like his father. But somehow, they must overcome before Kole can open a new portal and disappear, taking Bloodshot and its horrifying bloodlust effects with him to plague yet another reality.


"5 out of 5 stars! A Multiverse of Suspense!
Bloodlust is built on a great premise; it’s skillfully executed; the characters are as flawed as they are relatable; the action is delivered in wonderful energetic pulses that keep you tuning the page; and the plotline is liberally sprinkled with clues that allow you to anticipate how the story might develop. It’s superb!
It reminded me is some respect of David Walton’s Superposition, a story where advanced physics and multiverses go awry, and I can’t wait to see how things develop in the next story.
(And YOU should get to know this story too)."
Mr. A Weston, Amazon Review

San Francisco Police Department Lieutenant Sean McGrath currently has a plethora of problems. Of course his Blackout-level alcoholism, that goes without saying. How much evidence has he managed to overlook as those brain cells are slugged away? Now he's "misplaced" his former partner/lover, Alison. He is clueless but yet intuits she's in big trouble, even danger. Second, he needs to solve two serious cases: one a woman who seemed so familiar, murdered at random [or was it?]. Another is the new drug sweeping the Bay Area with literally horrendous (and mind-exploding) consequences.
Add the fact that McGrath is only one of many versions of himself throughout the Multiverse, and that all roads are leading to a Villain so inhumanly evil your blood will chill.
BLOODLUST is Book Two in the BLOODSHOT Series by prolific genre-crossing author Fred Wiehe. If you haven't yet read Book One, BLOODTHIRSTY, you can still jump on in and enjoy; but for maximal chills and sleepless nights, do read both. Then get ready for Book Three, BLOODBATH." --@HauntedReader