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Bloodshot, Book One
Book Series | Novel | Adult Fiction | Science Fiction-Horror | Raven Tale Publishing

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8425736352

Paperback/Kindle E-Book


Do multiverses exist? And if they do, does a duplicate of each of us exist in every reality? These are questions Lieutenant Sean (Mac) McGrath and Sergeant Randy Dexter must come to terms with to solve a murder and stop the widespread use of a new psychotropic drug dubbed Bloodshot.

Almost simultaneously, a young woman is murdered in Haight-Ashbury and this dangerous drug hits San Francisco’s streets. Taken through the retina and optic nerve, Bloodshot degrades and disrupts the neural network and central nervous system, turning people into crazed killers and bloodthirsty cannibals. Their investigation quickly takes them down a strange path that borders on science fact and science fiction, a path that reveals horrors more akin to nightmares than the real world, a path where they both begin to doubt their own already fragile sanity.

For if they are to believe the mounting evidence before them, they must also believe their prime suspect invented a device that can open portals to parallel universes, a device that enables him to travel from one realty to another and murder his ex-girlfriend time and time again—because apparently once just isn’t enough.


"5 out of 5 Stars! A Multiverse of Suspense!
This is the first book I’ve read by Fred Wiehe, and I have to say from the outset, it won’t be the last. And really, for those who know me and my background, it’s easy to see why. As a former cop and astrophysics geek, this story has my name written all over it.
So, what did I think?
Well, first off, I loved it! Bloodlust is built on a great premise; it’s skillfully executed; the characters are as flawed as they are relatable; the action is delivered in wonderful energetic pulses that keep you tuning the page; and the plotline is liberally sprinkled with clues that allow you to anticipate how the story might develop. It’s superb!
It reminded me is some respect of David Walton’s Superposition, a story where advanced physics and multiverses go awry, and I can’t wait to see how things develop in the next story.
(And YOU should get to know this story too)."
Mr. A Weston, Amazon Review

"5 out of 5 Stars! WOW! I wish I wrote this novel!
I read this at a friend's home...couldn't put the piece of
work down! That attention grabbing beginning gets an A+ from me. As one who has written thrillers and crime novels to short stories a super beginning is a must-have. And I couldn't put it down. Yep, I kept turning page by page as my pal interrupted me. "Go away!" Let me just finish this part, I thought... Also, this novel is ideal for a movie! Good job! I can't get the vivid images out of my brain. Great job. BTW: I am a fan of Thrillers and Horror films. This story works for me."
Amazon Reviewer

"5 Stars Multiverses
I loved this book and can't wait to read the next two. It reminds me of stories you hear from a young age. I love to read something that makes me question life. There is a drug so powerful it can change you into something unreal, and the way the author tells you and describes it. I can't recommend this book enough." --Sandra G. Emerick

"4 out of 5 Stars! Unusual!
Grim, gritty and full of people making bad decisions and
self-sabotage. It is an unusual mix of horror and crime thriller. It ends on a cliff hanger to be continued in the next book."
Emdf Amazon Reviewer

"5 out of 5 Stars! What a cliffhanger!
Well written, this book mixes suspense, feelings, scientific knowledge, an unusual story close to science fiction but realistic enough ! It makes you question your own knowledge about the world. Can’t wait for the second book!"
Eiliv, Amazon Reviewer

"Thanks to @fredwiehe for giving me the opportunity to discover his work !

If you love thriller and police investigation, this book is for you! 🚨
The story starts with a simple murder case, combined with space time travelling, involving drugs and passion, a cocktail you’ll get addicted to ! 💣💥

The book is available on Amazon kindle ! Let’s follow this promising author ! 🤩"

"The cover of this book is designed really well. The title is totally apt for this one.
Coming to the plot
For solving a murder case and stopping the use of a psychotropic drug Bloodshot,Lieutenant Sean McGrath and Sergeant Randy Dexter need to find the answers of some questions. They need to find if multiverse exists and if yes
do we have our duplicate in each of them. With the
evidence which they had,They need to believe that their prime suspect has invented a device to travel from one reality to another to kill his girlfriend again and again. I
won't reveal much,To know what happens next, you need
to read this book.
Overall this is a nail biting story which keeps you on the
edge of your seat. I completed the book in only few sitting because I was totally engaged with the plot. This is totally a page turner. The narration and writing style of the author is totally smooth and engaging which makes it even better.
The language is reader friendly. I totally enjoyed reading
this book and will Highly recommend it from my side. I
really can't wait to read the next part. I highly
recommended this from my side if you want to read something different." --Tanishq Rajmani,

"Hey Darklings! This [Bloodthirsty] story is a tight, time-trippin' noir style murder non-mystery. It also includes
drugs, heads exploding, generalized slaughter,
superhuman strength, suicide, murders, and let's not
forget the ever romantic first date cannibalism. If you think that it's too chaotic to have all these things in one're right...and it's beautifully executed.
What would you do if you loved someone so much that you hated them? Not only that but you take it upon yourself to rip the fabric of space & time in order brutally murder them in every single plane of existence. 
Non-stop action, decent pacing and a dash of spontaneous-n-drug fueled antics, super noir feels, an experienced, whiskey-drinkin' police detective and you have the trappings of a massively enjoyable story.
4 psychopathic professors" Dark Rose Reviews

"Trust the title when the title says a novel of horror, it might not be something to do with ghosts and ghouls but the content is violent the likes that make your stomach do a summersault before launching the vomit projectile across the bridge. Essentially a cop drama where we see McGrath pull up his stubble tidy and try to solve the crimes that are taking the city with utter chaos and horror. A psychedelic drug that rewires your neurons to loosen your inner demon, a drug that brings out the animal inside you that has been cherishing its evolutionary sleep for perhaps fifty thousand years. A drug so powerful and dangerous that brings sanity to its knees and at a conclusion where insanity becomes your reality while you rave and ravage your loved ones in a bloodbath of a frenzied massacre.

A book that has a lot of different subplots, characters and points of view. Yes, a lot is happening on earth or perhaps the infinite earth across multiple dimensions. When science falls on the wrong hands to make murderous intent travel across dimensions, humanity is the only stake that is being lost. A scientific genius with the aid of a warp in the spacetimes travels to seek his girlfriend's doppelganger, not to express and seek out love but to annihilate her from every possible universe that harbours her. Phew, talk about toxic boyfriends and failed relationships much? Well, at least I consider myself lucky to not be that person's partner.

Humour apart from the story is particularly engaging, although I find it a bit similar to the famous television series Fringe, I still liked reading it. The thrill wasn't something the author promoted as we knew the answer to a part of the mystery but then the adrenaline rush to see who wins the race was the star player. It is a mixture of a cop drama with science fiction and a thriller that doesn't let you put down your beer." --Reads.Grace, Bookstagram

"The book which im gonna recommend you guys today is very engaging and very interesting book The content of this book is gonna make you fall in love with this book and you can not get over to this any where soon.After years I found myself reading a book late into the night because it was so gripping. I am not a fan of horror stories or short stories, but this book suprised me by engaging me in the way that it did. I was taken back to my childhood and nights spent with cousins or friends sharing horror stories and then being startled at every sound or scared of going to the bathroom. I especially loved how relatable the characters in the stories were. Through every one of the story the creator shares her learnings and her insights. The book is an outright show-stopper and sufficiently able to inspire the perusers. Turn the pages to go through the creator's life, her encounters and her learnings.A scientific genius with the aid of a warp in the spacetimes travels to seek his girlfriend's doppelganger, not to express and seek out love but to annihilate her from every possible universe that harbours her.A drug so powerful and dangerous that brings sanity to its knees. A drug that rewires your neurons to loosen your inner demon. The drug that brings out the animal inside you that has been cherishing its evolutionary sleep for perhaps fifty thousand years.

The stories that are written in this book are very unique and spooky! I really made a mistake reading a few of the stories at midnight, I was literally scared to sleep! The thought that these incidents actually happened in real life was petrifying. The author really did an amazing job in the way these stories/incidents were written, it was very exciting to read all of them

THIS IS A MUST-READ.Written very carefully, this book is something that will be a delight to read and I absolutely recommend you to read it.This book is definitely worth the purchase and worth the read." --booksforbadel, Bookstagram

"Science fiction is something the love for which I have forever cherished and still keep cherishing. The love for which was brewed in my childhood while reading the artistically and scientifically amazing Jules Verne. Back to the future and all its parts are comfort movies for me and Fringe is a tv show that I binged and relished. So it is not surprising that I being a science nerd and a book geek, picked up this book.

Inter-dimensional travel, the space-time continuum and the fringe sciences permit us to study and learn about things that are fuzzy even for the sciences that exist today. What is so cool about it when we have already have had so many movies, series and books made about the same thing? I mean the concept may not be a new one but the approach the author took, the motive he gave the villain and the exhilarating chase which was generated in turn is the thing that made this book special for me. A raving lunatic, maybe a mad-man who knows but then he is an actual genius. Genius people are often the most prominent constituents for brewing villains. Because it is second nature to conquer what a normal person will not be able to comprehend. Here in this book, we see such a madly-in-love character who out of the extreme hate for his girlfriend, seeks to kill his girlfriend, not only in his world but even the doppelgangers that exist in alternate universes." --Reads_Nancy, Bookstagram

"An interesting and intense mix of science fiction, horror, and crime thriller.  The premise caught my attention and kept me reading - of a man going through multiple dimensions in order to kill a woman he has an unknown vendetta against. Alongside this is an investigation into a new psychedelic drug that is taken in the eyes, exaggerating euphoria to the point of aggressive mania.
The plot and characters kept me reading. This is a page-turner and hard to put down. Detective scenes are interspersed with chapters of individuals taking Bloodshot, and the carnage that ensues from this. These scenes are gory, intense, and gripping.
None of the characters feel throwaway, and all play their important roles. I especially like McGrath, and how his alcoholism fit into the story; it wasn’t just a random character flaw, but something which moulded parts of the story, and which the novella wouldn’t have been as effective without.
The exciting and emotional ending definitely leaves the reader urging to know what happens next." -- Claire Gibson clairegbooks

"​​... a fun way to while away a few hours after the kids went to bed. If you like sci-fi books, I think you will like this book." -- Cindy Winget

"5 Stars -- Addictive Read!
Bloodthirsty is a short but utterly addictive read! A solid, great and captivating 5 star book! I read it in one sitting and I loved every single chapter and character. It has an open end and I cannot wait to read the sequel!
The book starts with a man who is stepping out of a portal into another universe. And brutally killing Gemma. A woman he once loved and now hates.
Lt. Sean McGrath is investigating the murder. There is only one witness. Professor Wyatt Kole. He is a theoretical physicist. He says he doesn’t know the woman, and was just passing by when he discovered the murdered body. He might have seen someone running off, but he doesn’t have any extra/useful information.

I love how serious McGrath takes the case.

Then we skip to a next chapter. Two friends are about to go party. They take a new drug. They have to take three drops in each eye. At first they party their asses off. But once they get near Jerry’s home things go awry. Luke’s head explodes and Jerry brutally mauls and murders his parents.

McGrath gets told the next case takes priority. And that Dexter, will take over the murder of the woman.

And that is when the story kick starts. We experience the story through several characters eyes. We follow McGrath, the traveller McGrath, Dexter and his ex-lover and partner Alyson, Wyatt Kole and several people who take the drug called Bloodlust. I love how it all interconnects. How through every character we got more and more information. And how the story slowly pierces together.

I love the whole idea of multiple universes. And how you are actually able to travel from one universe to another.
And I also love the whole journey the drug takes, and how we as a reader find out how it works and what it does to a human being.

Absolutely LOVED this book. It was brilliant and engaging and it had me on the edge of my seat. Absolutely cannot wait to read the sequel and see where the story develops from there on out! ♥" -- Kealyn_Reads_LP

"Unfortunately this book wasn't for me. It just didn't turn out to be my kind of read. But despite this, the concept of this story was very intriguing! And there were some really intense & exciting moments in here! I would still highly recommend you check this out if you're into horror, science fiction, crime, thriller." -- @elliereads24

"5 Stars Fantastic Sci-Fi Horror/Thriller
Filled with multi-dimensional travel, wild action, and drug-fueled gore. Bloody is the word of the day because this book is dripping with it.
Bloodthirsty acts like a bomb. Relentless tension building page by page as the chemicals within mix—the cunning villain's bloodshot red, the tortured hero's cop blue—and you’re on the edge of your seat, anticipating the explosion." -- Ian, Verified Amazon Reviewer