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Non-Fiction Instruction Book

 Trade Paperback/Kindle E-Book

ISBN: 9781981083930 


You want to write. You want to tell a story, create unforgettable characters, entertain and awe readers. You want to see your byline on a short story in a reputable magazine or e-zine. You want to see your novel in a bookstore or on Amazon. You dream of being a writer and making a good living at a profession you love. But you have no idea how to get started. You have no idea how a story works, how to create interesting characters, how to devise intricate plots, how to create conflict, how to describe setting or mood, how to choose a point of view, how to write an action scene, how to SHOW rather than tell, or how to create sparkling prose with metaphors and similes. Then this is the book for you. Learn from a professional. Don't put off your writing career. Learn the skills needed to be a successful writer from a creative writing instructor, respected bestselling author, screenwriter, and member of the Horror Writers Association.