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Novel | Young Adult (YA, 13+) & Adult Fiction  | Paranormal Horror

ISBN: 978-1946874191



Fright House is waiting to be unlocked. And she is the key.

Penny Winters can see ghosts. Or she’s insane. Desperate and on the run, she lucks into a job at Fright House. But a one time insane asylum turned Halloween attraction is the last place she should be. Workers start disappearing. The walls move. And Penny's past comes back to haunt her as Fright House's tormented spirits awaken.
Tory Jackson is obsessed with hunting ghosts. So when he and his ragtag team of Paranormal Scene Investigators are brought in to cleanse the old asylum of evil, it may finally be his chance to prove ghosts exist. But the evil within Fright House has plans of its own, and as the night devolves into chaos and terror, Penny and Tory will learn that the line between the living and the dead is one slice of a scalpel....


"FRIGHT HOUSE is an inviting, chilling, old-school spooky story that teens will love! Creepy and highly entertaining.” –Jonathan Maberry –New York Times bestselling author of THE NIGHTSIDERS and ROT & RUIN

"A wild roller coaster ride through a house of horrors unlike any you've read about before. Fright House starts fast and doesn't let up until the final page."—Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of Sparrow Rock, Diablo, and Day One

"Unsettling, Fright House made me look over my shoulder as I read this alone at night. Fred Wiehe wrote a horror novel in league with” Poltergeist,” “Insidious,” and Shirley Jackson’s "The Haunting of Hill House" (this last one even scared me in the daytime, in a room full of people years ago!). You may not look at that next haunted house attraction in a real insane asylum or prison the same way again after reading this book. Just when you thought it was safe to get scared, Fright House does it to you.” —Pamela K. Kinney, I Smell Sheep

"Fred Wiehe has written an exemplary modern horror story, Fright House. It combines today’s technologies, afforded to the ghostbusters leader by Tory Jackson, with a classic setting of an abandoned insane asylum, nestled in the deep woods on a darkened, stormy night.  The setting of the old edifice, itself, with its great expanse and its squealing iron door, reminds us at once of a foreboding castle, complete with dungeons, as we accompany Tory’s team on their journey through this tale. Mr Wiehe’s story runs full force from start to ending, fueled on two major themes:  keys and a haunted personal past.  Survival is -- as always in these stories -- predicated on the ability to prove one’s strength in the face of peril. Fright House should be on your reading list as your next injection of a horror story. As an alternative to a late night passive viewing of a horror movie, this engaging tale reads rather quickly. Better than any movie you may watch, the images Mr Wiehe conjures will make you look out of the corner of eye as you read, and may stay affixed in your memory, like a blood-stained wall, long after you finish this memorable tale.”  —Dave Sciuto, The  Horror Zine

"FRIGHT HOUSE is straight-up YA Horror, rocketing at the speed of a bullet train, and starring my absolute lifelong favorite of Horror Tropes: The Haunted Asylum.
The jump Scares here will make your breath catch and your heart drop, and the twin foils of a 17-year-old runaway who is genuinely psychic and prescient, and a Paranormal investigation group led by a young man who believes but has never experienced Paranormal activity, playing out against the backdrop of an actual abandoned Asylum more than a century old, in which the medical staff was far more evil and experimental than the patients who were among the criminally insane." -- @HauntedReader

Once I started reading Fright House, I didn’t want to stop! The main characters were an interesting rag-tag bunch that were each endearing in their own way. The plot moved quickly, keeping me guessing and wanting to keep reading to find out what happens next. There’s plenty of gore and frights in this one. I’ll be looking to read more of the author’s work!" A Clock Strikes 3

For a YA who loves a good scare -- perfection!
The perfect spooky novel for YA lovers of thrills and chills! Penny is a believable heroine and the nightmarish adventure she finds herself in is a genuine funhouse of twists and turns. The writing is bright and tight -- very visual, lending itself nicely to young people who have inhaled a lot of entertainment on a screen." -- Anne Merino

Wow!!! I would like to say the only reason I didn’t get any sleep was because I was reading and finishing this book but no, I was kinda scared to be honest. All in all, a frightening but deliciously fun read. A masterpiece of thrills, suspense, and horror.⁣ Amazing job Mr. Wiehe." -- @robinsbookreview

"For someone who has been plagued by fright and the darkness engulfed me as a child, I remember running helter-skelter to reach the safety of my bed while turning off the lights. It was not a doubt that I was just afraid of stories or even just my misinterpretation of the air. Something in the air wasn't quite right and that is what made me get the whiff of it. So a boy who was afraid of the dark now spends hours on books and movies and television shows of monsters, ghosts, ghouls and many more entities of the darkness. I had to pick up this book as it emanated an aura dark enough for it to come under my paranormal radar.

I started reading this book by thinking it to be the creepy kind, the likes you get from R.L. Stein's book. I was looking to have some fun while reading it too. Well, that was that as I found not much later that it was much darker than a typical Goosebumps novella. The story had its roots invested in the foundation as not all is revealed about our estranged protagonists who want to leave their current city behind and start life anew. I love the premonitions that Penny has been having all along about the Fright House, maybe kills the suspense but reinvigorates the thrill of it a thousandfold more. On the other hand, we see a group of geeks from the screens of Ghostbusters, moving along and fraternising with their television fan following and checking for ghosts under your beds by the day. Tory has had his reasons to believe in the existence of ghosts, which made him select this profession but to inculcate him into your house of horrors you have to make him believe because there is no one more sceptic than Tory while proving the existence of the paranormal.

What shall happen in the fright house that has been giving Penny the chills all along? Will, the PSI team be at hand, will their paths cross having to defend the girl from a house come alive with malicious intent? All shall be revealed in time for Halloween. One more good horror read I have gathered that I surely will like to revisit and watch on the silver screen." --Reads.Grace, Bookstagram

"Fear is an instinct, a primal one that has kept us alive for thousands of years. It is the one that has made us evolve to be the man we are today, the fear of darkness gave life to light, fear of enemies gave the birth of weaponry. Fear is one of the main reasons that life keeps going on. But the real thing to be afraid of is when the fear is realised. Because fear in itself can never harm you, the only thing to be afraid of is when the same deadly thought materialises into reality. In this book, we shall realise more than one of the primal fear that has been pushing mankind. The paranormal may not always be the thing to be feared, yet even crossing the threshold of this fated place The Fright House made its presence felt.

Young Penny had gotten a calling that said this is not a place for her to be. She had realised even before entering the death's snare that things aren't just bad there inside the dilapidated Hospital turned into a Fear Attraction, there was something more crouching in the shadows. Waiting, waiting to be released in this world so that it can ravage. Penny the new manager, has her mysterious story, a story that cannot be revealed to the world which is why she seeks to earn herself out of the wretched city she is in. To start everything new, but for that to happen she would have to keep up at her job inside the deathly mist of the Fright House for the season. On the other hand, we have the PSI experts under the guidance of Tory, moving about the city, brandishing their equipment in front of presumably haunted homes to either help the victims or reveal the hoax.

Will the victim of the Fright house ever cross her way with Tory and his crew, will there be any saving that comes to the life of Penny. Will the darkness be damned that extends its spiny fingers across worlds to claim the life of its victim, Penny? The author sure has created a whole environment of darkness, the likes of which I haven't have read in a long time coming from authors that are not from the shelves of my go-to horror genre. If you want to hold out your heart in your hands." --Reads_Nancy, Bookstagram

"5 Stars Do you ever think your house is evil?
Fred writes horror stories as natural as breathing. This one has a splendid paranormal element, and it's YA. Buy this for your kid, and after they read it have some fun making creepy noises around the house late at night…" --Chris Roy

"5 Stars Spooked & Satisfied -- Where's the movie!
Wow. As one who has written thrillers, this book had me on page one. No boring prose. I read it on a friend's device...couldn't stop reading it. Felt like I was watching one of those scary paranormal films I enjoy watching late at night on TV. The author knows how to keep the reader's interest. A lot! This should be an audiobook. What's not to love? Fright House deserves six stars, especially if you like paranormal gems like I do. Great job. Sequel?" --Unknown Amazon Reviewer

"4 out 4 Stars
“Evil lurks in shadows, It lingers in the hallways” we are introduced to this frightening novel with a poem by the author himself. When we enter into this world we are introduced to Penny a unassuming, clever girl who is thrown in by unfortunate situations to an abandoned haunted asylum. Having to fight her way through a terror that many of us would have been too scared to pass through she finds the strength to make it through.
The use of description from Fred Wiehe really places you into this abandoned asylum with the way it smells and how dilapidated it is and soon becomes as the story goes on.
This is the first time I have read anything by Fred Wiehe and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed at all. I recommend that everyone takes a look at this horror novel. I haven’t read many but I have to say it again that I throughly enjoyed it.
Check this novel out!!!!" -- itsbostonbooks

"5 Stars
Not for the faint of heart - Fright House sets the tone from page 1 and never relents!
Fright House is a fast-paced splatterfest with all the elements horror readers crave. It has a fantastically scary setting that overwhelms all the senses, a diverse cast of young characters who are inevitably separated and subjected to Fright House's individually catered horrors, and enough blood, guts, and other fluids to keep you reeling.
A very well constructed story, Fright House will dig its hooks into you and keep you turning the page...desperate to find out what happens next despite the aggressively mounting terror. Fred Wiehe is very talented at setting scenes and providing a crystal clear image of the unfolding horrors.
Fright House would make for an excellent on-screen adaptation, and I look forward to the possibility of following the Paranormal Scene Investigations team in future adventures." -- J. J. Field 

"5 Stars Thrilling
I finished the book in two days. I couldn't put it down. I was tempted to lock my office door, close the blinds and pretend I took the day off so I could finish the read." --Sven