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 Adult Fiction | Horror   

Trade Paperback

ISBN: 9780595179244


Starkville, a sleepy burg in the Sierra Foothills, is under attack. Something is infecting its people, transforming trusted friends into psychotic killers. Maggie Stark, a retired homicide detective, hopes to escape the nightmares and death that surround her family and former career. To this end, she leaves San Francisco with her eight year old son Billy and returns to her home town. But Starkville is not her salvation, as she had hoped. Violence erupts all around her. And when Deputy Sheriff Sam Waters calls on her investigative acumen to solve a puzzling and brutal murder-suicide, she is reluctant, yet resigned, to help him with the strange and eerie mystery. The investigation takes a bizarre twist when she and Sam become embroiled with a one hundred and fifty year old Chinese man named Wing Sun. Only Wing Sun knows the deadly secret concerning the outbreak of violence that infects the town! Only he knows how to destroy the evil invading Starkville!


"This [Starkville] is an excellent book. Mr. Wiehe has done a fabulous job! The characters suck you into their world, and you can’t stop yourself from turning the page to find out what happens next. Both well written, and edited, Starkville will wrest emotion after emotion from you. It is obvious Mr. Wiehe researched his subject matter well, and although you get the pleasure of reading some wonderful Chinese tales, everything is plainly understandable. There is nothing confusing about this book. This is one of the best horror/sci-fi books I’ve read in a long time, and I think it would make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection.”—Lisa Hurley, Tracy’s Book Reviews

"Fred Wiehe has written a fast paced, non-stop story [Starkville] that will draw you in and keep you hooked. The characters are believable and the research has been well done. The demon in the story is unique in its description and how it carries itself. The horror parts were not overly graphic but the author gave the reader enough to fill in the blanks with his own imagination.”—Ken Mason,