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Collection: 2 Novellas, 12 Short Stories, 17 Poems
Collection | Adult Fiction |

ISBN: 9781946874191

Trade Paperback/E-Book


Nightmares and dreams war inside you. Nightmares twine along the veins and through the synapses, into the nerves and beneath the skin. They skulk in the darkness that surrounds your heart. They’re always with you. They are you. They’re a version of you that has gone too far, done things you can’t take back. They lie. Dreams lie too. They, however, dwell in the light, in the open. They shine on your face out of the sun, and where before you saw darkness in the face of the stranger on the street, you now see the kindness in their eyes and the upward curve of their lips. Dreams light the way forward. Nightmares seek to drag you back. They’re always fighting for control of your body, but only you can decide which one wins. This is what master storyteller Fred Wiehe shows us through his achingly raw prose and poetry in The Collected Nightmares, that you can fight for the dreams, or sink into the darkness and let the nightmares take you. Every one of Wiehe’s characters—the struggling writer confronted by the sins of his past…. The witch who's the only thing standing between a small town and the evil that lurks in an ancient tree on its outskirts…. The man who’s visited in the night by a beautiful but very, very cold woman…. The three teen friends who play with demons beyond their ken…. The vengeful patrons of a horse stable…. The monster hunter who fears he might be the worst monster of all—make unexpected choices. Read the two novellas, twelve short stories, and seventeen poems contained within, and then ask yourself: Which will you choose?


"It’s been a long time since I’ve read scary stories, and these satisfied my craving. Settle in for a dark, deliciously chilling joy ride through this collection of stories. You’ll want to sleep with one eye open, if you can sleep at all."--Alice Clary, Manic Reader

"The Collected Nightmares is a genuine 5 STAR READ! Fred Wiehe should feel damn proud of what he’s accomplished here and we’re fortunate that he’s decided to stay among us and challenge our brains with his words. I really enjoyed his twisted tales and think you will, too! Fred Wiehe is a professional author and a member of the Horror Writers Association who’s written many popular books including Aleric: Monster Hunter."--Brian James Lewis, HELLNOTES

"This anthology was excellent and deserves each of the 4 out of 4 stars I am bestowing upon it. If anyone reading this review is in the mood for some thrills, The Collected Nightmares by Fred Wiehe should be the next step. With witches, ghosts, demons, and general mayhem abound, there is no shortage of characters and creatures that will make readers remember the things that go bump in the night."--Azura_Cat, Online Book Club

"The Collected Nightmares is a selection of poetry, short stories, and novellas by Fred Wiehe that showcases his breadth as a writer. 
Wiehe takes an honest look at what we really fear lurks under the bed or in the closet (or in our own mind). A good read for horror addicts looking for a new favorite author.”—Daphne Strasert, HORRORADDICTS 

“As someone who suffers from nightmares, Fred Wiehe was convinced by his therapist that putting them into writing would be helpful to his mental state. Hence, this book lives up to its title – a collection of scary dreams about bad people, bad spirits, evil creatures, bad deeds, and the consequences that await. Overall, this book is no doubt, 5 out of 5 stars. It was scary, fun, entertaining, and teaches that no good can come from evil, so we all better be nice. I recommend it to ALL mature readers who love dark stories and poetry. In this turbulent time, this book is a good diversion; it’s a definite must-have.”--SheySaints

"Storyteller Fred Wiehe shows us through his achingly raw prose and poetry in The Collected Nightmares that you can fight for the dreams, or sink into the darkness and let the nightmares take you. Dive into the mind of an author who knows how to make your skin crawl and bones shiver. Wiehe has some great girl power going on in this book with some stories; he has a nice line of balancing male and female lead stories; especially with the story "The Reckoning" which explores girl on girl bullying and reveals the outcome. Conclusion: The Collected Nightmares is a frightfully good read, Fred Wiehe knows how to tell tales and I hope he’s working on more."--Reyna Young, Women in Horror